Mediation and Supported Conversation

Conflict is a normal and healthy dynamic is a saying we are fond of – it also can get nasty and dysfunctional and potentially a risk to people’s health and wellbeing.

We have been conducting mediations in workplaces for more than fifteen years.

This experience has taught us that a good mediation is one that has a sustainable outcome, which means it doesn’t all fall over when the mediator walks away after a “successful” resolution, and also, a good mediation doesn’t make the situation worse or place in jeopardy the health and wellbeing of the parties.

Preparation and evaluation is key, which is why we always do the following in assessing each case:

Preliminary Assessment/Intake process

This is done to assess whether mediation is the appropriate safe approach to take. Here are some questions we consider:
  • Who are the right parties to be involved in the resolution process?
  • What do the parties want/What does the organisation want?
  • Are the parties able to meet together face to face without any risk to their health and wellbeing?
  • What stakeholders are needed to be involved to ensure that the outcomes are sustainable?

Mediation preparation/coaching

If mediation is the right process are the parties ready for it?
They each may require some coaching so that the mediation has a better chance of being productive and achieving a workable outcome.

Follow up

Usually the mediation session can be completed in less than half a day, In some cases, however, the mediation may be across a number of sessions.
There is an agreed written outcome from the mediation. There is also a follow up session at a time to be agreed by the parties.

If you are participating in a C4M mediation please download and read the following document: Preparing for Mediation

The Field

There is my position and there is your position
Beyond that there is a field.
I will meet you there.
- Rumi

Contact us on:
Mike Jensen on 0414 876 312

"Council engaged Michael Jensen to conduct a mediation on a very sensitive matter under a very tight time frame following a protracted attempt to resolve the issue involving lawyers. What can I say….
The process was fantastic.
It achieved a win/win for both parties and for Council.

Mike has the ability to understand each person’s apprehensions, fears and needs and to help them feel at ease with the process.
His ability to relate to people, to get at the underlying issues and guide them towards a solution is a wonderful skill he uses and which achieved the result we wanted."
- Phil De Losa,
Manager, Governance, City of Kingston

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