Clear View process - Workplace Culture Assessment

The C4M culture assessment can be used to assess specific cultural interventions or more generally to assess the overall health of a team, department or workplace using the measures of the organisational health model (see The C4M culture assessment has been used in place of standard investigation techniques where the priority has been to achieve a minimum “footprint” on existing workplace morale and productivity and to use a broader, more informed process to understand and measure cultural drivers of dysfunctional behaviours.

In some cases, this assessment can highlight a ‘prima facie’ case of a breach of a workplace right or duty that requires the need to conduct a formal investigation process.

Often the C4M culture assessment provides strong evidence of overall organisational health and wellbeing in terms of leadership behaviours, change management outcomes and key drivers of morale and performance.

Clear view has been increasingly used by boards to ensure good governance and a clear line of sight of any risks (including compliance and reputational risk) that they, or the CEO, may be unaware of.

The attached article is an interview between Peter Singer and Mike Jensen where Mike explains how Clear View is used by Boards to uncover issues that have been unclear or shielded from the board's line of sight.

ClearView Boards and Governance

"The Chair and the Board engaged Mike Jensen and his team from C4M to advise us on the Leadership culture of our Organisation and provide the Board with an in-depth analysis that had not been captured in the past through climate and staff satisfaction surveys.

The ClearView process made us aware of key areas for development including potential risks that needed to be addressed.

What was unique or particularly valued about the approach taken by Mike, was his ability to engage directly with the Chair and Board Members, communicating the challenges that needed to be addressed and the approaches that needed to be adopted as part of the ongoing improvement strategy. Following this, the organisation engaged Mike to provide ongoing support and coaching to improve the level of engagement between staff and the leadership team.

2017 - Mike Taylor, Chairman, Dairy Foods Safety Victoria

"I have worked with C4M in a variety of settings, including training, 'low impact' and 'workplace health check' assessments. On each occasion I have found the C4M team to be utterly professional, responsive and more attuned than most to the nuances of individual workplaces, identifying and resolving the drivers of workplace conflict and providing well written reports that provide insightful analysis and deliver a clear outcome.

C4M also represent good value for money with reasonable rates and efficient use of time a distinguishing feature."

Ross Jackson, Senior Partner, Maddocks Lawyers

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