Workplace Cultures

"Culture is not like a piece of equipment. You can't touch it. You can't fix it like you fix a broken forklift. It has to be talked into existence... You have to visualise what it is first and then you need a way of communicating it to the people you work with until it eventually becomes the way we aspire to do things. It becomes what we are about. What we stand for"
Manager of a Council Infrastructure Maintenance Department (Depot)

This comment is so true and reflects our view that people need a way of talking about culture and making it real. Culture is not something you 'fix' by creating some break-out rooms and installing a few basket ball hoops in your meeting room. Most people need a framework for describing what a great culture looks like (most people are good at describing what it doesn't look like). A healthy, respectful, "let's put it on the table and work this out" type of workplace culture begins at the leadership level until it is learned by the rest of the team as they discover that leadership is actually... a shared responsibility.

We love talking about culture - we give presentations for your people - but we also love building cultures with our clients around values of respect, civility and having conversations that address issues at work before they become a problem.

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"I highly recommend any organisation to engage Mike to work with their staff in forming the 'above the line' values that guide and define acceptable behaviours in their workplace."
John Fazzino, Vice Principal, SFX

"The presentation was outstanding in terms of its importance and value to our organisation. Our leadership team scored the presenter 5 out of 5 for content knowledge and delivery. A very impressive program"
Kathy Sdrinis, Executive HR Director

"Mike's presentation was engaging, entertaining and collaborative. His insights were very valuable in facilitating staff discussion around acceptable behaviour within the workplace."

"The Presenter guided our staff to reflect on values in the workplace. He supported staff to clearly articulate their thoughts on peer interactions and encouraged us to accurately describe what these "looked like" resulting in a shared understanding of common goals & practice".

"Mike brought with him both experience and researched methodologies to ensure a broad and diverse workforce were able to relate and reflect on the importance of workplace values. The workshop went for 2 hours, but I found the time just flew. It was very engaging and relevant to our workplace".

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