Why we are pulling out of workplace investigations after more than sixteen years...

Yes, we are moving on from workplace investigations because we believe that investigations do more harm than good.

C4M has always been in the business of helping people and organisations... unfortunately investigations do neither. We have come to this conclusion from what we have seen and experienced and from talking to people over the years who have participated in or survived investigations - from Human Resources Professionals who made the decisions to investigate and from other investigators like us.

No matter how much you care about people and try to do it with the greatest respect for the parties, we believe the standard investigation model is flawed and that it causes more hurt than it helps. We are surprised that it has taken us this long to come to this conclusion but even more baffled why so many organisations seem wedded to investigations as a primary strategy for grievance 'resolution'.

But that's enough of a rant because we think there must be a better way of 'resolving' claims of bad behaviours in the workplace.

Ok sometimes you do need a formal process but if you are prepared to explore other ways of resolution that reduce the risk of hurt to people (and yes, there are other ways where the emphasis is not only on the risk assessment but on the learning and the healing) then talk to us - we would love to talk to you about helping your team and the parties in conflict get to a better place.


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