Workplace Investigations

Once the decision is made to proceed to formal investigation C4M offers thorough workplace investigation processes. Timely, project managed and excellent communication with all stakeholders are the hallmarks of our practice in this area. We also offer “Low Impact Investigation” options for clients (depending on the industry and nature of the client organisation).

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Michael Jensen

"We recently had C4M undertake a complex investigation in our workplace that involved multiple respondents and witnesses, with a complicated and lengthy history of complaints and counter complaints.

From the outset, C4M staff were highly professional in their approach, as well as being very mindful of the impact of the process on all those involved. I found them to by very sympathetic and understanding, whilst also doing what was necessary to complete the process thoroughly. They provided great written information for participants at the beginning, and made themselves available via phone for any questions that people had. Staff reported to me that, although the process was inherently stressful, they found their interactions with C4M staff to be positive.

Throughout the process, C4M kept me informed of progress and alerted me to any issues that were arising. They consulted with me about any changes or additions, and provided me with support in navigating a difficult process. Their communication throughout the process was excellent, and at all times I felt that I knew what was happening, and what to expect next.

C4M also provided debriefing once the investigation was complete, and I found this to be invaluable for the individuals involved, particularly for the team that was most affected. They provided staff with information about investigations and gave them the opportunity to reflect on their experience, but most importantly, started the process of looking forward.

Given the complexity and length of this investigation, I found C4M to have provided
excellent value for money, especially considering we have now achieved closure after 10 very difficult months of low morale. I would highly recommend C4M. "

Zoe Vale, Senior Manager, Melbourne City Mission


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