Michael Jensen, LLB, BEc, Grad Dip (IR), Diploma in mediation (Melb Univ)., Cert IV Training & Assessment, Dip., Frontline Management, accredited in MBTI, TMS. Michael has overall responsibility for managing investigations and training in the areas of change, conflict and providing advice on legal and/or industrial matters.

‘In this place we never have real conversations or when we do it’s usually too late’
(quote from employee in Local Government Organisation).

Since beginning my working life as a workplace consultant I have focused on helping workplaces on their journey towards improving communication, leadership and getting to ‘Hum’.
Hence the tag line in my business ‘Real Conversations - Less Conflict’.

For more than twenty five years of consulting I have heard this familiar refrain hundreds of times - ‘we don’t have real conversations in one form or another’. The goal for me has always been to get to the Hum where the workplace vibe (I call it the Hum) is positive, engaging and edgy because people dare to have real conversations. I admit I enjoy working in the space of Conflict because it is an uncomfortable space for many to be in. It is also the space where pathways can open up to and reveal a way forwards that is creative, more enlivening, more energising and more productive. A process I have developed and enjoy working with is ClearView. This process helps those at the top of the organisation get a look-in to understand what is happening in the minds and behaviours of staff below. More than a process of surveys and diagnostic tools, ClearView enables the Board or the CEO to have a direct line of sight into what is happening and what needs to happen to shift the culture towards greater teamwork, greater leadership and better conversations.

Here is a powerpoint of my belief about having real conversations (less conflict) that I try and bring to my work all the time….

Peter Singer
C4M Consultant

I’m intrigued by the way people interact, particularly when they perceive that resources are limited. In the cultural, negotiation and mediation work I undertake, I’ve observed that people are inclined to make the wrong choice in their interactions with others, particularly when the pressure of outcomes is important. It takes a high level of awareness, an adroitly developed ability and then a flawless application of skills in the moment, to manage key interactions and attain really beneficial results.

For me, human interaction is the final frontier of leadership. Its unpredictability coupled with people’s fear of losing control demands appropriate partnering from a suitably experienced third person. Once mastered, a leader’s interactions will be the core drivers in building sound cultures and setting important values.

I love working with leaders and their colleagues in building awareness of the keys that together deliver unexpected, constructive outcomes as the work brings enjoyment, creativity and improved production in the workplace. Even the slightest change in a leader’s awareness of the importance of these skills can make a significant impact for so many.

I am fascinated by the field of human interaction, conflict and negotiation and these schools of thought provide the theoretical models that I apply in the workplace.

Peter R Singer
Masters - Conflict Resolution, B. Applied Science,
NMAS Accredited Mediator, Accredited Collaborative Law Practitioner

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